Ammouliani Island

Ammouliani Island Chalkidiki Greece

The Island

Ammouliani is located in bay of Athos and is the only inhabited island of Central Macedonia. Within a short distance from Thessaloniki, only 130 km and with easy access from the port of Tripiti by ferry boats. Get ready for the most magical holiday of your life by the sea!

The island of just 4.5 square kilometers combines the clean crystal beaches such as Alikes, Megali Ammos, Karagatsia and dense vegetation, since it is full of olive trees and fruit trees. Learn more about the location of the island and the available routes by clicking here.

Ammouliani Island Chalkidiki Greece


Ammouliani is inseparable linked to Athos tradition. Previously, the island was a dependency of the Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos and was inhabited by monks, who were managing the real estate assets. Their main activity was farming. In early 1925, the island was granted to refugees from Asia Minor and in particular from the islands of Marmara (Gallimi - Pasalimani -Skoupia). The refugees, who were coming from these areas, brought the culture of Asia Minor, the customs and their tradition. Today the island belongs to the Municipality of Aristotle and has a population of 600 inhabitants, whose main activities are fishing and tourism.

Ammouliani Island Chalkidiki Greece


The inhabitants, proud of their cultural heritage, preserve memories and tastes of the past, giving the visitor the opportunity to experience the history and tradition. Trademark of the island's gastronomy is Marzipan, which women of the island mold in flower shapes and impress not only with their taste but more with their artful look.

Ammouliani Island Chalkidiki Greece


Ammouliani Island is a popular destination for those who seek relaxation by the sea. On the island you can find traditional restaurants, cafeterias and bars, where you can relax and enjoy your holidays by the sea. Enjoy activities by the sea and create unforgettable holiday memories! Browse through our catalogue and find popular shops, restaurants and other places of interest on the island.

There is also a doctor, as well as a pharmacy available on site. In addition, you can find swimming, snorkeling and fishing activities, as well as boats for rent.

Ammouliani Island Chalkidiki Greece


On Ammouliani Island you can find some of the most spectacular beaches of Halkidiki. Alykes, Megali Ammos, Karagatsia and Kalopigado are only some of them. Nearly all of the beaches are well organized, but simultaneously they maintain a peaceful environment. By renting a boat you can access many more isolated beaches either on Ammouliani Island or on the nearby Drenia Islands. The golden sand and the blue-green water is an ideal combination for swimming, snorkeling or fishing.

This is the reason why the locals call Ammouliani the hidden diamond of Halkidiki. Find out more about Ammouliani's beaches by clicking here.

Ammouliani Island Chalkidiki Greece

Mount Athos

Within a short distance from the island of Ammouliani is Mount Athos. Mount Athos consists of twenty monasteries and other monastic institutions and informally designated as “Autonomous Monastic State”. Entering the state of Mount Athos, is strictly allowed only to men according to the “Abaton” rule and the monastic ritual.

The peninsula of Athos, which since 1045 officially called Mount Athos, had, according to written records, as early as 843 ascetics groups. In 963 A.C, the first monastery of Great Lavra by Saint Athanasius was built.

Ammouliani Island Chalkidiki Greece

Drenia Islands

The Drenia islands are nearby Ammouliani's east coast. The islets took their name from the largest island area, the Drenia. The other smaller islands have names like Feti, Penna, Artemis etc.

On the islands you will find beautiful shallow sandy beaches with magnificent island scenery and cliffs. Also a beach bar is available for tourists to enjoy meals and cold drinks. You can reach Drenia islands only by sea with private or rented boat.


Enjoy activities by the sea and create unforgettable holiday memories!